Saturday, November 1, 2008

UWGB Trail

9.50 Miles 1:11:43 7:34 average
7:00 am) cold at the start 30's warmed up though.
Ran with 3 of my friends all of us did a ultra last weekend.
One of them did a 50 Mile run and finished 3rd overall.
He had won it the last 2 years. The other 2 guys did the
50k with me last weekend. We called this are fun run
celebrating our successful races. We even had a beer
afterwards. We probably wont be running together again
for a while now that the season is winding down. Of course
for me it's not over yet I still have one more race yet.

I will start doing my long runs on the roads to get my body
ready for the pounding. It's different on the joints than trail
running. So I have to prepare for that. It wont be too bad I
think I will only do 3 longs runs the next 3 weeks then maybe
a 2 week taper. Hopefully the weather will stay somewhat nice
till then.

***Forgot to mention I saw Julie, Alicia, Asher, Steve and Mike
out on the trail today. They were running very strong especially
Julie she is one fast girl. She is much faster than me!!!***

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