Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fort Howard

5 Miles 35:00 7:00 average
148 HR average
5:30 pm) mid 40's nice, mist

I still have a cold but I needed to run tonight.
I wanted to run more but don't want to run myself
down anymore than I already am. The goal is still
to get my long run in on Saturday. My plan is to
do 20 miles. I want to run the first 14 at around
7:00-7:15 pace and run the last 6 at 6:30 pace.
Of course will see if I am still not feeling great
I might have to adjust this plan.

Tomorrow I am going to take a tour of Gold's Gym.
I want to join a gym so I can run inside when the
weather is bad outside. If I don't join the Gold's
Gym I will rejoin with Snap Fitness. I was going to
join a week ago or so but the weather was still nice
so I put it off.

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