Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scray Hill

20 Miles 2:20:52 7:03 average
157 HR average
7:45 am) mid 30's cloudy & breezy
This was not a fun run. I just didn't feel good today.
I ran the first 14 at around 7:00-7:10 pace. I tried to pick
it up for the last 6 miles but I couldn't. The last 2 miles
I was bonking. Mile 20 was my slowest of the run at 7:30 and
that was a struggle. I think the reason for my sub par run
is several factors.
1. Not at 100% still getting over cold.
2. Have not been getting in as many workouts the last 2 weeks
so I have lost some fitness.
3. Did not drink enough. I had maybe 20oz. of Powerade for 20
miles. That's not near what I should of had.
I'm glad I got this 20 miler in now I can cut back on my long
runs the next 2 weekends. Only 21 days till Memphis.

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