Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fox River Trail

5 Miles 30:27 6:05 average per mile
152 HR average
5:45 pm) cloudy and chilly 50
I went easy last night and new I was only going 5 tonight
so I decided test my fitness. I am happy with how it went.
I ran each mile faster than the previous. My last mile is
faster than I have run mile repeats in the past. I'm not
sure how much this improvement in my speed is going to
translate to my upcoming ultra. Especially in one that is
19 miles longer than I have ever run. I do think I am more
fit than last year at this time so hope that shows on race
Mile 1 6:52 HR 130
Mile 2 6:18 HR 150
Mile 3 5:58 HR 158
Mile 4 5:46 HR 165
Mile 5 5:30 HR 165


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