Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fox River Trail

15 Miles 1:46:00 7:04 average per mile
145 HR average
3:00 pm) 50's cloudy
I felt good considering I ran a few miles yesterday.
My only ache that bothered me was my IT Band. It was
okay once it got warmed up. It's very sore now that
I'm done and sitting around. Miles 1-7 were all above
7:00 minute pace and miles 8-15 were all below 7:00
minute pace.
I'm now ready to start tapering. I think I'm going to
cut back pretty drastic as I think my body needs to
heal and recover so I can be fresh on race day.
This was a new high for me this week 76 miles. I ran
6 days and did 50 of it in 2 days.


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