Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kettle Moraine State Park Eagle WI

35 Miles 5:47:36 9:56 average per mile total time
5:13:15 8:57 average per mile actual running time
Mike and I drove down to Eagle this morning. We
left Green Bay at 5:30. We didn't get to running
till almost 9:00. The weather was great overcast
and upper 40's at the start. The course was not so
great. It had rained quite a bit down there the
previous day and night and the trails were sloppy.
Some sections were so bad we would have to try to
run way off to the left or the right of the trail
to avoid the water. Plus we ran in a ton of sand.
Sand is not fun to run in. It wears you out quick.
We went out 8 and back for 16 total. We stopped at
the car to reload. I felt like I was totally spent.
This was hard mentally to get back at it. Knowing
I still had 19 miles to go and felt this bad was
almost too much for me. We started up again and
went the other direction. Well this direction did
not start out much better no sand but steep hills
with lots of rocks. This went on for 3 miles or so
before it got fairly flat. The rest of the run went
better. We headed back to the car and still had over
4 miles to go. Mike was not doing good at this point
he had side aches and his hip was hurting. We ended
up running on the roads this last bit. The pace was
slower but we kept moving.
We accomplished what we went to do. Run 35 miles and
get some time on the feet. This was the farthest I
have ever run so I am proud of that. Afterwards we
stopped and got some high calorie food and went to
a antique mall. Walking around the mall actually felt
good on the legs. We then drove home. Long day got
home after 8:00 pm. Glad it's over!!!


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