Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Packerland Loop

10 Miles 1:09:04 6:54 average per mile
148 HR average
5:45 pm) low 40's windy
This was a "KEY" workout for me. No not really. I got
new gloves today so decided to try them out. They are
made by Brooks. They have a key pocket in them. So
I put my house key in them. I went off on my run and
went to feel for the key and I felt nothing. I figured
it must have fell out. This was early in the run so
I just back tracked my run. I didn't find it. I then
went to my friend Alicia's house to get my spare key.
She was not home. I figured by the time my run was
over she would be home. I finished my run and stopped
again and she was still not home. I then ran back home
and remembered my landlord has a spare key so I would
ask him for it. So I get in the driveway and sure enough
the key was in my glove all along. I guess the key slid
down further than I realized and I did not feel that
far down. I guess that's a good thing that the key does
not bother you while running. So I stressed for nothing.
Nevertheless my run was not great tonight. I thought
about the key most of the run. I had plans on going
longer but this derailed them. Maybe tomorrow.


1 comment:

GZ said...

Ha. Key. But a good way to get miles.