Thursday, November 5, 2009

Packerland Loop

10 Miles 1:08:44 6:52 average per mile
5:30 pm) low 40's nice
Took off yesterday since I was feeling tired and both my Achilles were
bothering me. Today I felt tired all day not sure why? I figured it
would be a tough run tonight but I actually felt pretty good. I ran a
new course tonight. I have run all of it before on other runs but not in
this loop. I like running this type of run since you don't run any of the
route twice. I was not sure how many miles it would be but figured it
would be 8 or 9. It ended up being around 9. I decided to do an
additional mile to make it 10.
My HR monitor was not working right. It was off on several of the
miles. Not sure what's going on. I think I need to tighten it up. Maybe
that will fix it. I had to slide it up several times since it was a bit loose.
Mile 1 7:19 Flat
Mile 2 7:11 Flat and downhill
Mile 3 7:02 Flat and uphill HR 148
Mile 4 6:39 up and downhill HR 149
Mile 5 6:58 Gradual uphill HR 152
Mile 6 6:50 Flat and downhill
Mile 7 6:55 Flat
Mile 8 6:35 up and downhill
Mile 9 6:36 flat
Mile 10 6:36 flat HR 162


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