Sunday, November 22, 2009

UWGB Trail

5 Miles 35:57 7:14 average per mile
3:45 pm)low 50's sunny Awesome weather for Nov.
Day got off to a rough start. I did a load of laundry
and when I started the dryer I hear a thumping noise.
I opened it up and checked the load. I noticed my blue
jeans had something in the pocket. Well guess what it
was my cell phone. Great now what do I do. I tried to
dry it with the hair dryer but no luck. So went to the
US Cellular and bought a refurbished smart phone. It's
a LG Tritan. I guess the good news is I have a much
better phone than what I had. Of course it cost me some
$$$ but needed a new phone soon anyways. So I guess it
all worked out okay. Plus I didn't have to extend my
contract so that's good as well.
Today's run was with Mike. I have not run with him since
the 50 miler so was nice to get caught up with him. I
actually felt great on this run. I was not really sore
at all from yesterdays run. Ran in new trail shoes Brooks
ASR 7. I got these from Brooks as I am wear tester for
them. They feel great so far. I have run in the 5's and 6's
and these seem as good if not better.
Looking to do a couple races this week. Thursday is a 5
mile Turkey Trot and Sunday is a 15k run. Not sure what
to expect since I have not done any real speed work.
This will be good test though and force me to push it.

61.2 Miles for the week.


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