Saturday, November 14, 2009

John Muir County Park Ice Age Trail Montello WI

22 Miles 2:48:33 7:40 average per mile
145 HR average
10:40 am) 50's overcast & warm
This run was down by my parents. It was about 13 miles
from their house. I stayed over Friday night and slept
in this morning. I new this part of the Ice Age Trail
was only about a 2 mile loop since I checked it out
online on Thursday. I was hoping maybe I could find
other trails as well to run but no luck. As it turns
out it wasn't even a 2 mile loop more like 1.6 miles.
I wanted to do at least 20 miles today and the idea of
running this loop more than 10 times was not all the
exciting to me. I will say though the loop was very nice.
It went completely around Lake Ennis. I just wish it
was more than 1.6 miles.
Well I started out and did a couple loops. I quickly
became bored with that so I did a couple loops the
opposite direction just to change it up a bit. After
6 loops I had it. I had to do something different.
I decided to just go out and run on some of the
county roads. This was a nice change of scenery. I
found some hilly roads so this was good. I ended back
at the park and had about 20 miles so I did one last
loop making it 7 loops. This was still short of 22
so I ran around the parking lot a few times to get
it. So interesting run but not one I will do again.
The weather was fantastic mid 50's.


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GZ said...

Whoa - nice run.