Monday, September 7, 2009

Reforestation Camp Mountain Biking

22 Miles 2+ Hours
10:00 am) sunny perfect day
Planned on doing 2 loops by myself. When I got there
I saw Julie P. and family and Stacy was on her way.
So I decided I would ride with them. After we finished
the 11 miles. They were all done for the day. I still
wanted to do one more loop 11 miles. So I did this one
solo at a hard effort. This was the first time I have
timed myself on this course. I did it in 56:40. I was
happy to do it in under an hour. I had a few near falls
and my arms hit a couple trees. I escaped without any
major injury.
I'm liking this whole mountain biking thing. Great cross
training without the pounding on the legs. I can't wait
to get a better bike. Mine is not really all that good.
I'm afraid it's not really built for this. I have been
searching online and bike shops but have not really seen
anything yet that made me say this is the one. I'll keep

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