Monday, September 14, 2009

Fox River Trail

Sunday September 13, 2010
10 Miles 1:12:26 7:14 average per mile
148 HR average
3:00 PM) 84 degrees sunny & warm
Good run other than it was a bit warm. Legs felt good.
Busy but fun weekend.
Saturday night went back to my home town for my 20th class
reunion. Can't believe it's really been 20 years! We had a
good turnout. Maybe 25 or so. Had about 70 in my class.
It's funny to see how little or how much some people change
in 20 years. Some I didn't recognize or it took a while to
recognize and some looked almost the same as they did in
high school.
Sunday night went to the Green Bay Packers game versus the
Chicago Bears. My friend Mike got 4 tickets. So it was Mike
his girl friend, Scott and myself. We had seats in the end
zone fourth row. The game was not all that great. The offense
couldn't move the ball. They did just enough to win the game.
A win is a win I guess.

Week recap:
57 Miles running
11 Miles mountain biking
Good week. Most miles I have run in a week in some time.
Hope to keep it rollin.

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