Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reforestration Camp 30 Miles

30 Miles 3:58:15 7:57 average per mile
6:45 am) cool 40's warmed up nice.
I told Mike lets run 8:30's today nice and easy. Well like
usual we ran this too fast. My body felt the effects of it.
I ran out of gas. I think I should have taken in more calories.
By mile 20 I was done. I was able to hold on but it was not fun.
Mike on the other hand was strong all day. When I got home I
weighed myself and I was 6 pounds lighter. So I definitely
was in calorie deficit. I will have to do better on that next
time. My next long run is in 2 weeks. The goal is 35 miles.
Relaxing the rest of the day. I think I deserve it.


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