Monday, August 24, 2009

Reforestration Camp Mountain Biking

13 Miles Mountain Bike on the single track
First time I have used my mountain bike on an
actual trail. It was a ton of fun. The trail
was narrow and very curvy. This turned into
a better workout than I thought it would be.
I feel it more in the upper body than I do in
the legs. I guess because my legs are used to
working out and my upper body is weak.
I might invest in a better bike this fall when
they have there sales. My bike is older and
not sure how well it will hold up. Plus if
I do more of this I need a rack for my car.
I had to take of the front wheel and then
it still did not fit in my car. I then had to
take of the handlebars. When I got there I had
to put back together then take apart to come
back home. A lot of work for so short of a

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