Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jerabek Challenge

4 Miles 24:26 6:07 average per mile
9:00 am) Overcast and Humid!
9th Overall 1st in age group
Had a good race not sub 24 like I was shooting for but close
and it was very humid. This course is hilly very challenging.
Stuck around afterwards for the awards above is the medal I
got for placing in age group. This was the 4th annual running
of this race. I have done all 4 of them. The race is in Honor
of Ryan Jerabek. He paid the ultimate price in 2004 for our
freedom. His parents put on this event in his honor and all
that serve this great country of ours. I feel even more
grateful this year for all the troops do for our freedom as
my nephew has enlisted in the Marines and is currently in Boot
Camp in San Diego. I'm very proud of him and the decision that
he has made.

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sjcorso said...

Hi Brad! Congrats on the race. Thanks for supporting our troops and of course Mark! He is equally proud of all of your accomplishments. I am sending him your blog with the photos of the medals to show his platoon. He will be very proud to show it off!