Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 59:00 7:22 average per mile
148 HR average
6:00 pm) upper 70's sunny
Not a bad run. I tried not to push it and made this an
easier run. I kept my pace and HR consistent through
out. I wanted to push a bit harder but decided against
it as that would defeat the purpose of a easier run.
I plan on making Tuesdays my easy day and probably
Thursdays as well. I am going to be running more miles
than I ever have in the next couple of months so I
think I will see the importance of the easier runs.
Still in the process of trying to figure out my training
schedule for my 50 mile run in October. I think I might
have to do some morning workouts during the week so I can
get it all in. I want to run 5 times a week, lift weights
2 times a week and bike 1-2 a week.
I'm thinking something like this:
Monday: am) weights
Tuesday: am) bike -- pm) run
Wednesday: pm) run
Thursday: am) bike -- pm) run
Friday: am) weights
Saturday: am) run
Sunday: pm) run

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