Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fox River Trail

6 Miles 46:24 7:44 average per mile
7:15 pm) nice cool
151 HR average
This morning I went back to Oshkosh for the final
day of Lifest. Jeremy Camp was the artist today.
He sounded very good. He is very talented. We sat
out in the sun and I ended up very sun burnt. I
forgot to put sun screen on today. I'm paying the
price now. I look like a raccoon. I have white around
my eyes from my sunglasses and my face is bright red.
Not a good look for me.
For the week 55 miles. I am very pleased with that.
Just a couple weeks ago I was lucky to get in 20-25
miles a week. Tonight's run was hard. I felt the fatigue
from yesterdays long run. I think I need a day off
tomorrow. Maybe mow the lawn that will be enough.

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