Saturday, July 4, 2009

UWGB Trail

14.25 Miles 1:54 3 Loops 4.75 miles each
10:15 am) Partly Sunny 70's
Loop 1 39:50 155 HR avg.
Loop 2 37:55 161 HR avg.
Loop 3 36:19 164 HR avg.
Well once again really sore for the most part of this run. It
didn't start to feel better till about the 12th mile. Good thing
I'm training for a marathon and not a 5k. I ran slower today than
my last run and my HR was higher. I think the reasons for that
is I didn't sleep well last night and my hydration was not very
good. I'm glad to get this run under my belt. I'm getting in
some longer runs now and maybe I can get in a 20 mile run next

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