Saturday, July 11, 2009


24 Miles 3:05:41 7:44 average per mile
8:15 am) Sunny 60's at the start
I got a little carried away today. Plan was 20 if I felt
good. After 10 miles I was not feeling too good. After that
though it started to feel better. I then decided I should
do as much as I could. I did 5 loops and that was plenty.
I felt it on the last loop but maintained my pace. I am
very happy with this run. I just hope I recover okay and
my pinched nerve or whatever it is doesn't retaliate.
Two weeks away from the marathon so time to back off and
run smart.
Here is the numbers:
Loop 1 37:18 HR 151
Loop 2 37:22 HR 155
Loop 3 36:15 HR 155
Loop 4 36:29 HR 157
Loop 5 36:30 HR 159
.25 mile 2:00
I was fairly consistent on all of these and HR was pretty
consistent it got a little high on the last loop but I was
getting very tired.