Saturday, January 29, 2011

Woodland Park, Colorado

Centennial Trail 8200 ft - 8600 ft
6 Miles 43:54 7:19 average per mile
134 HR average
10:30 am) 40's Sunny!
Drove to Woodland Park today. First time I have been there. It's
really not that far from my apartment. It was only 17 miles each
way. Nice smaller town 7500 people. My run started at just under
8600 ft. I ran 3 miles on Centennial trail before turning around
and heading back. It was easy the first 3 miles as I went from
8600 to 8200. I realized I would have a much harder 3 miles going
back. It was harder for sure and my pace was much slower. Will
definitely go back. The trail I was on goes 7 miles each way so
I can get a nice 14 mile run in at higher altitude.

New Brooks Adrenaline 11 shoes. Felt good so far.

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