Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mesa Springs Greenway Trail

8.26 Miles Total 54:09
12:10 pm) upper 20's Sunny!
5 Miles 34:03 6:48 average per mile 135 HR average
3.26 Miles 20:06 6:10 average per mile 145 HR average
20:00 minute tempo run today. Went pretty good. HR was
running pretty low but my breathing was heavy. I could not get
HR any higher at the end because I was so winded. If I can ever
get my breathing better I think I will be able to hit higher HR.
My max was around 175 in Wisconsin not sure I could get it that
high now. Today the highest I saw was 152. I did hit 159 last
week. I guess if I was doing shorter faster stuff maybe I could
get it up there. Today was a good run though my 5 mile warm up
felt really good.


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