Thursday, January 13, 2011

Waldo Canyon

7 Miles 1:04:39
133 HR average
12:00 pm) mid 40's Sunny! Beautiful Day!
Have not done any trail running lately and today was a great
day to hit the trails. The only bad thing was the trail was
pretty wet and slushy from the melting snow. My shoes became
pretty soaked by the time I finished. Tried to not push the
pace today as tomorrow is my long run. I think I will drive
to Pueblo tomorrow to do my long run. Will be nice and warm
tomorrow 50+ degrees! Is this January? I'm not used to this
being from Wisconsin.
Pictures above from today on my way to Waldo Canyon.


Mountain Way said...

Nice looking photos! Beautiful running country man and amazing weather you have been having this winter. I am heading down late May through to early June this year. Can't wait to hit the trails!

Brad Poppele said...

When you come to the springs let me know. Maybe we can get together and do some trail running.

Mountain Way said...

That would be great! Some local knowledge would be perfect; as I am sure there are many hidden gems beyond the 'classics'. It's not for a while so I will be sure to drop you a comment closer to.