Friday, January 28, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway s-n

20 Miles 2:24:32 7:14 average per mile
147 HR average
10:40 am) upper 50's low 60's SUNNY & WARM!
HR was high today. I think the reason was the warmer
temperatures. The last time I had higher than normal HR was 2
weeks ago on my long run and it was warm that day as well. At
mile 12 today I felt like stopping probably from my heart working
harder than normal. I struggled for 8 more miles to make it 20. My
fastest mile was mile 20 only because I wanted this run to be done.
I ran 6:52 mile with a HR average of 158! I ran a 6:02 mile the
other day and my max was 157.
This run was both mentally and physically draining. Glad it's done!


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