Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snap Fitness

6.5 Miles 44:45 6:53 average per mile
6:00 pm) treadmill
Good run tonight. I feel really good. Not sure yet if I
should race this Saturday or should I focus on my training
right now and wait till March to race. I guess it doesn't
really matter one way or the other. It's only a 15k.

As I was running tonight I did some thinking on what I want
to do the next couple of months. I think I decided I need
to build a base for the year ahead and I should run more
and at slower pace so I can recover faster so I can handle
the increased load. My plan is to start Monday with my new

I will look to run 6 days a week with maybe a double or two.
As far as mileage I think I'm going to go by time more so
than mileage. I'm kind of thinking 1-2 hours a day and
more on the weekends. I don't know where to start as far
as hours per week. I think I will shoot for 7 hours next
week and see how that goes. My week is Monday - Sunday.



GZ said...

I think you could easily figure out a typical week volume ... your logs seem to be pretty detailed to lend to that.

If I had to guess, you are probably somewhere at 9-12 hours a week already.

Brad Poppele said...

Your right I do keep a accurate account of my time and miles. I don't run that much really. If you look I only run maybe 4-6 hours a week. I only have been running 5 days a week with no doubles. So if I do 7 hours next week at say a 7:15 average pace that would be 58 miles. More than I have run in months. As you can see I am no where near your league. I hope to get closer to what you have been doing. You are off to a great start this year!

GZ said...

Be sure to ramp up slowly ... and appropriately. And keep the bigger balance. You are getting decent results off of what you are doing. Smart increases will bring you even further.

Still moving here this summer?

And for what is worth, I don't think I'd be running 2:50 on the roads on 50 a week. Can't say I'd do that off of 70 a week either. Sad but true.

Brad Poppele said...

GZ, Thanks for the advice. I appreciate any feedback I can get. I'm still learning.
Yes still moving. Plan is to be in Colorado August 1st or 2nd.
Thanks for the complement. I'm pretty happy with my progress. I have slowly improved over the years and always looking to get better.

GZ said...

You know the general rules already ... 10 percent rule in terms of mileage increase ... but more importantly (and something you already seem to do) is listen to your body (I find this really hard to do actually because the head often has its own agenda).

I think one of your challenges may be how you respond with an increase in mileage and slower (but not slow) paces. It is a different approach / mindset ... it works over time but it takes time.

Alicia said...

Increasing is good and building you aerobic base is good instead of always running anaerobic but what about doing some cross training to supplement your doubles and to get more time in. The bike or elliptical would give you a better muscle balance without the pounding and still help you increase your base. Overuse and injuries comes from working the same muscles over and over but with cross training you work new muscles and build a strong leaner machine.

Brad Poppele said...

Good points Alicia. I will look to do more cross training this year, especially mountain biking when the weather gets better.