Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day Off

No running today. I was going to but changed my mind. I even got
dressed and ready to go. I just didn't have the motivation or energy.
I think it's probably a good decision. I already pushed myself to
new levels this past week.
My totals were impressive for me.
Sunday thru Saturday 118.01 miles over 12 1/2 hours
Monday thru Sunday 100.69 miles. This is my normal week that I go
by. So I finally had a week over a 100 miles. This was my goal. Now
that I did it I will go back to more normal mileage for me.
I will cut back this week for sure. I need a recovery week. My last
6 weeks I have not cut back at all just kept building.
Week of Jan. 24-31.5 Miles
Week of Jan. 31-43 Miles
Week of Feb. 7-50 Miles
Week of Feb. 14-59.10 Miles
Week of Feb. 21-74.71 Miles
Week of Feb. 28-100.69 Miles

1 comment:

GZ said...

Whoa - I knew you were tagging miles in the south but wow. Smart to recoup a bit now.