Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gulf Shores, Alabama

20.07 Miles 2 Runs 2:15:03

1st Run
8.86 Miles 1:00:00 6:46 average per mile
148 HR average
9:15 am) upper 40's

2nd Run
11.21 Miles 1:15:03 6:44 average per mile
145 HR average
6:20 pm) upper 50's

Another good day of running. My only issue is the blister on
the bottom of my foot. It hurts! I think I will take the
morning off tomorrow and see how the afternoon run goes.
I have a new route picked out for tomorrow so I'm excited to
run it. It's around 5 miles or so each way.
Today I did the touristy things walked on the beach and picked
up sea shells and went to the souvenir shops. Having a fun time.
Weather has been great. Looks like it will get colder tomorrow
though. Still nice running temperature.


Alicia said...

So now that you have been doing the timed training for a few weeks and are in a rhythm with it are you going to incorporate some more specific training, like intervals, tempo, Zone 1 recovery??

Brad Poppele said...

I will keep doing what I'm doing for a couple more weeks. I will incorporate more hills soon. As I will probably be racing Dick Lytie at the end of March. Not sure what zone 1 would be for me. I don't know what zone I'm currently training at. I would guess zone 1 would be 130 HR? Not sure I can run that slow. It's harder for me to run slower like that, than at a little bit faster pace. As far as timed runs I think I will stick with them I like the concept better than running for mileage.