Monday, February 22, 2010

Gulf Shores, Alabama

17.11 Miles 1:56:02 2 Runs

1st Run
6.48 Miles 46:00 7:06 average per mile
140 HR average
7:35 am) mid 50's

2nd Run
10.63 Miles 1:10:02 6:39 average per mile
144 HR average
6:45 pm) low 60's

My second run today was very fast. Not sure what's going on.
I felt good but did not feel that good. Makes me wonder if my
Garmin is right. The first mile it was acting up but seemed
fine after that. I'm running much faster than at Wisconsin
and with the same HR or lower.
Wore my New Balance 800's tonight and got a blister on the
bottom of my foot. First blister I have had in a while.
Plus it's in a spot I have never had one. Maybe because with
those shoes I midfoot strike even more than usual. Will have
to keep am eye on that.
Today was another busy day. We spent over 6 hours in the car
driving. We drove to Panama City, Florida. Took over 3 hours
each way even though it was only 120 miles each way. Lots
of stop lights and speed limit was only 45 or under most of it.
Got home late and did my run. Then watched 24. Tomorrow is a
rest day other than running of course. Having a great time here.
Don't want to go back. I have a few more days to enjoy it though.

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