Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oak Ridge Rd

11.5 Miles 1:21:45 7:07 average per mile
1:30 pm) mid 20's cloudy
147 HR average

I ran the same distance as yesterday and my time was almost
identical. Hammy still sore but manageable. Tried to keep HR
between 145-150.

So the plan is 7 hours this week starting tomorrow thru next
Sunday. I will need to slow down some. I would like my average
for the week to be 7:15 per mile. That would give me 58 miles
for the week. If I run it faster it would be to many miles for
me at this point. I need to build slowly.

50 Miles for the week
5:53:15 for the week
7:04 average per mile


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