Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gulf Shores, Alabama

3 Runs 21.78 Miles 2:32:06
8.13 Miles 1:00:01 7:23 average per mile
9:35 pm) low 40's Sunny!
138 HR average

2.25 Miles 17:03 7:35 average per mile
12:00 pm) upper 40's Sunny!

11.40 Miles 1:15:02 6:35 average per mile
151 HR average
3:30 pm) mid 50's Sunny!

My first run I only had one goal and that was to keep HR
under 140. The run still felt as hard as my runs where
I try to keep my HR under 150. I think the reason being
I don't get into my comfortable running zone. I know it
is important though to run some runs at a easier pace.
I just don't like it though.
My second run was just a short one on the beach just to
get a little of that experience while I'm here.
My third run I just ran. I didn't want to worry about pace
or HR. I enjoyed this run. I felt good. It was a hard effort.
HR was not that high even though I felt as I was pushing a
bit more than I should have.
This week of running I have come to a conclusion that my easy
runs should be 140 or under HR. My medium effort runs should
be 145 or under. My hard runs should be around 152 or under.
Anything over that would be for tempo runs, racing or track
Tomorrow is my last day here so will look to get some last
minute miles in.

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