Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gulf Shores, Alabama

17.21 Miles 2:00:05 2 Runs
1st run
7:45 am) mid 50's
8.43 Miles 1:00:02 7:07 average per mile
142 HR average

2nd run
5:15 pm) upper 50's
8.78 Miles 1:00:03 6:51 average per mile
144 HR average

8:46:32 74.71 Miles for the week. This is the most I have
ever run in a week.

Felt good today. The wind was kind of a pain though. It was
out of the east and the road I run is along the coast and
runs east to west. So I had a headwind and a tailwind. It
would feel easy when I would run with it but difficult against
it. I hope tomorrow is less wind or north south. The weather
was nice today. Upper 50's low 60's. Better than it is at
home. I did some antiquing with my parents today and went
to some flea markets in Pensacola, Florida. Tomorrow we
are going to Panama City, Florida to visit a friend of my
parents from church.


GZ said...

Congrats on a new "high Score." Be sure to take care of yourself.

Alicia said...

Nice picture! I'm jealous of the shorts and t-shirt. Have fun down there!