Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UWGB Trail

9.54 Miles 2 Loops 48:30 Bayside, 29:40 Golf Course
5:45 pm) upper 60's
Ran first loop with Rick. He has not run since last fall when he
was running this with me. He did good but is out of running shape.
We had several walk breaks. The time was 48:30. I think next week
he will run it under 45.
The second loop I ran solo. I forgot my watch tonight so I was using
my cell phone. I started the timer and put it in the car. I had no
idea what my time was going to be but I new I was pushing very hard.
Got back to the car and stopped the timer. I was happy to see it was
the fastest I have ever run this loop 29:40, 6:13 average. Previous
best was 29:44. Not a lot better but still a personal best and it's
early in the year. I think I can get it to 29:30 or better before
too long.

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