Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Broadway & Packerland Loop

15 Miles 1:39:23 6:37 average per mile
156 HR average
5:40 pm) upper 30's nice!

Didn't know what to expect tonight. The race on
Sunday took a lot out of me. I had thoughts of
running last night but decided to take the night
off. I think it was the right decision. So tonight
I was feeling better but legs still had some soreness.
I had no goals for this run just go by feel. Well
it felt better than expected so I decided not to hold
back and just roll with it.
This run supports my belief that I can run sub 2:50
in January. I need to run 6:30 pace or better. Well
if I can run 6:37 pace for 15 miles I think it's very
obtainable. Houston is a flat course and my run tonight
was not flat it has some hills. I'm thinking 2:48 is
probably a good goal at this point. Of course it all
depends on if I can keep injury free.



nwgdc said...

Man, You're ROCKING! Nice work! This weekend I think I'm going to check out the Reforestation camp on Sunday afternoon. I'm at a seminar until 2, so I'm not sure just yet about getting there. If I can't make it, any suggestions for some nice trails on the south side of GB?

Brad Poppele said...

As far as trails not sure of any on the south side of Green Bay. A couple on the east side that I like is Baird's Creek and UWGB has nice trails. In De Pere you can run along the Fox River on the Fox River trail but that's not really trail running. If you run Reforestation Camp and want someone to run with let me know I probably could make it. You can leave a comment on here if you want or e-mail me at bpoppele@gmail.com