Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rocket City Marathon Huntsville Alabama

26.2 Miles 2:46:28 6:20 average per mile
13th Overall 3rd Master
8:00 am) low 30's windy & cloudy
No PR today but a solid time nonetheless. I was 4 minutes of my
PR and 6 minutes or so off my goal time. I had a feeling it might
not be a PR kind of day early into the race. The first 2 miles
I was running 6:18 and 6:15 and it wasn't easy. I had hoped to
be running 6:05 from the start. Mile 3 I got it to 6:07 and thought
okay maybe I'm warmed up now. Not the case though mile 4 it was
back up again to 6:15. From here to mile 16 stayed in the 6:10-
6:20 range. I hit the half at 1:22:XX and new 2:40 was not going
to happen and 2:42 was not either. Plus the second half had more
of a uphill profile although only slightly. Also the second half
had more head wind to deal with. I ran the second half in 1:24:XX
so I actually ran a pretty good second half.

I only ran with one other runner the entire day and that was only
for a 5 or 6 mile stretch when we had a tailwind. So I think it
made my run alot harder doing it basically all by myself.

I am not surprised that I didn't PR even though I thought maybe
I could will my way. My training went well but the volume was
way down from what I did for Green Bay this past May.
As for the race it's very well run. The course if flat and fast
but it does have lots and lots of turns. Not sure how much if any
that really effects the time though. I don't think much. Unless
you don't run the tangents well. I recommend this race highly!

Visiting my friend from Green Bay was the best part of the trip. We
both lived in Green Bay 5 years ago and then he moved to
Huntsville for work. I had not seen him in that 5 year period so I
picked this race for that reason. It was fun visiting with him and
his 2 dogs. Those dogs are so cute. He also ran the marathon
yesterday as a pacer and he brought them in right on time. I really
appreciate his efforts and others that are willing to help runners
achieve a goal.

The people in Huntsville are some of the most friendly people I
have ever met. It's true what they say about the south and
southern hospitality.


Lucho said...


HappyTrails said...

Good race Brad - I know you're disappointed but that was still a great effort when you knew you were feeling off. Some folks would have bagged it at that point.

Ward said...

Solid effort... I'd like to get back and run that one again someday...

Knuckledragger said...

Great effort Brad, good time overall and place / result. You have run a lot of races this year and w/ those many miles maybe they caught up w/ you a bit? Still, something for you to be very proud of.

GZ said...

Ditto to all the above.

Now ... there is a hill in your hood to start some work with.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks guys for the nice comments!

Ward- Yes it's a pretty cool smaller marathon. One of the best run marathons I have been involved in. I also recommend Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Sean Ryan puts on a quality event.

GZ- Yes time to start running some hills!