Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway & Sinton Trail

6 Miles 43:03 7:10 average per mile
12:15 pm) 30 degrees sunny
Had a couple of inches of snow last night. So waited till it
melted a bit before starting my run. The trail was in good
shape by the time I started. Goal was to run easy today.
I wanted to be around 7:30 average for the run. I ran last
couple miles a bit fast and my average was 20 seconds fast.
Yesterday I took off from running. I had a hard 8 hour shift
then did a killer circuit weight training and core workout.
I got a pass at the Y so joined some friends and they taught
me a lot. They were nice to me as I only had to do the
circuit 2 times instead of the usual 3 times. So after this
running was not very appealing to me.
Booked my tickets to Little Rock today. Let the training begin!


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