Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gym Workout

3 Miles Treadmill 22:30
3.2 Miles Elliptical 30:00
20 Minutes weights and core
Treadmill was 4 X 400's
First one was at 12.0 mph 1% incline
Second one was at 11.5 1%
Third one was at 11.7 1%
Last one was at 12.0 1%
First one killed me my legs weren't ready for that backed it off
on the second then felt better on the next two. I took around
2:00 minutes jogging between these.
Elliptical was a moderately hard effort for all 30 minutes HR
was pretty high the whole time 140's to 150's
Did some leg weights and finished with some ab work.
Two somewhat hard days in a row. Will now take 2 easy days
to recover.
Snowing like crazy here in the springs. At least 7" of new snow.
Biggest snow I have seen since moving here in 2010.
Love the treadmill on snowy days like this better than going out
and slipping around and risking an injury.


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