Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Speedwork & Weights

4 Miles 31:55 Treadmill
Did 5 X 400's with around 2 minutes recovery in between.
11.5, 11.8, 12.0, 12.1, 12.3
Started at 11.5 this week and built up. Last week started
at 12.0 and had to go down. I did 4 last week and 5 this
week planned on 6 but 5 was plenty.
I did these at 0% incline. I would have gone 1 % if I'd
remembered. Last week I never went over 12.0 so was not
sure if that was the treadmills top speed or not.
Found out today that is goes way over 12. Treadmill goes
up to 14.0!!! This is awesome and I might have to do
some 200's next week and get it up to 12.5 or higher.
Don't think I can run anywhere near 14.0 but will be
fun to see how high I can go.
Finished workout with some upper and lower body weights.
Nothing crazy hard just enough to work the muscles.
Tomorrow looking to run Barr Trail. I'm excited for that
not sure how far I will go. I will play it by ear. Should
be a nice day.

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