Friday, September 10, 2010

Pikes Peak Greenway (South)

17 Miles 2:00:23 7:05 average per mile
8:00 am) 60's sunny
Started at Monument Valley Park and headed south. I felt really
good after the first mile. I always struggle the first mile till
I get into my rhythm. I went out 8.5 miles and headed back. I
felt great until the turnaround. After that every mile just got
slower and slower. Also at mile 10 my hip stated to bug me. It
kind of went away and I forgot about it. The last mile it hurt
again and was much worse. I could hardly run the last half mile.
When I got home I took a couple Aleve. My hip feels much better.
I think it's okay. I'm wondering if it's the shoes. They have
high mileage on them that could be part of the reason. Also I
think my body needs a day off. So tomorrow I will take off.
Here is my splits just to show how bad it was in the second
half of the run versus the first. Not sure why I feel apart so
bad. I didn't feel like I was pushing to hard the first half.

1- 7:10 9- 7:12
2- 6:46 10- 7:04
3- 6:41 11- 7:13
4- 6:47 12- 7:13
5- 6:48 13- 7:12
6- 6:52 14- 7:14
7- 6:56 15- 7:16
8- 7:00 16- 7:25
17- 7:32

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