Thursday, September 2, 2010

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

4 Miles 50:46
10:20 am) 60's Sunny & Windy
1 Mile Incline 27:32 took another 2 minutes off my best!
3 Mile descent Barr Trail 23:14 7:43 average per mile.
So on the incline I pushed hard and never looked at my
watch until I was done. I wanted to go by effort and
not worry about the time. I was pleasantly surprised
by my time. I guess I'm getting in shape.

6 Miles 1:05:46
5:30 pm) sunny cool
Section 16 & Palmer Trail
First time on these trails and they were tough! Especially
the first 2 miles on Section 16. Lots of rocks and steep
climbs. I hiked all of this. Not really my kind of running.
I like to actually run. Once I got past the first 2 miles
there was some awesome single track.

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