Saturday, September 4, 2010

Palmer Park

5 Miles 48:18 9:39 average per mile
8:45 am) 70's Sunny!
Plan was to run with the Boulder Running Company group.
I had seen they had Saturday morning runs at 8:00. I
got there early and waited around no one showed up. So
not sure if they still meet there or not. So I decided
I would finally try running at Palmer Park. It took
me a little time to find the park but I found it. It's
actually not far from my apartment maybe 6 miles.
The park has tons of trails. I didn't know where to go
and was afraid of getting lost so kind of stuck around
the area where I parked. I got on some easy trails GREEN
and 1 BLACK trail advanced. They also have BLUE trails
intermediate. I would like to go back and do more
So my problem so far is actually to many trails to
explore. I'm used to having like 2 to pick from and that
made it easy. Now I don't no which ones to do. Good
problem to have though. This is such a great place for

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