Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood, Colorado

14 Miles 1:54:03 8:09 average per mile
10:15 am) Sunny warm!
Drove 73 miles each way today to get my long run in on a course
I will be racing October 3. Well lets just say it didn't go as
planned. I was looking to do at least 20 miles and up to 25.
Well I had a few problems. First off I lost my map I was carrying
so I never really new if I was actually running any of the race
course. The course has 3 river crossings and I never crossed any
of them. I saw a few areas that might have been the crossing but
decided not to. I figured I would keep my shoes dry.
Second I started too late. I was sweating pretty good at mile 3
already. I knew I was in trouble. I was running in some open
sections and I could feel the sun just draining me.
Third I was dehydrated! I didn't realize how bad I was till mile
12 I had to stop and refill my bottle and I couldn't drink it
fast enough. You wouldn't think in only 12 miles it would be a
factor. Like I said though the sun was draining me and I should
have drank more.
Overall I'm still glad I drove up there. At least I know how to
get there on race morning and I'm pretty sure I ran some of the
course. My biggest mistake was just starting too late. If I
would have started at 8:00 I'm sure it would have been a whole
different run.

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