Thursday, July 28, 2011

Memorial Park to Bottomless Pit Sign & Back

17 Miles 2:38:52 9:21 average per mile
7:10 am) 60's Sunny!
Goal today was to push it as I'm going to be tapering in about
a week. I will do one more long run next week then that's it.
Today I did something different I actually had a goal time.
I went to Matt Carpenter's website and wrote down the splits
for a 2:50 ascent up to Bottomless Pit Sign.
The splits were:
3:44 to Ruxton actual 3:28
10:43 Hydro Street actual 10:20
Didn't get the Top of the W's split. Still not sure exactly
where it is.
1:07:29 to 7.8 sign actual 1:05:15
1:26:22 to Barr Camp actual 1:24:13
1:38:56 to Bottomless Pit Sign 1:36:38
If I were to have kept going I think I would have started to
lose time to the calculator. I'm thinking on race day maybe
not push it quite this hard and have something for above A-frame.
The down today was okay not great by any means. Not sure if it
was fatigue or not enough calories. I also had a fall on the way
down and scraped up both knees. Nothing serious but it stung
a little bit.



GZ said...

Everyone seems to run the Ruxton split fast so I would not sweat that. I know Matt has said he does not run it fast, but I have seen him run it that would warrant a faster predicted finish than what he ends up at the top at. Just be controlled and smooth there.

The Top of the Ws ... okay, remember the aid station in the Ws? That ain't it. After that there is a longish switch back and there were flour markings at its end (in the BTMR). That is the top of the Ws. At that point the trail bears about 90 degrees to the right and so it is a bit of an arbitrary marker.

It is a little hard to say what a 96 to the Pit means. I have gotten there in as fast as 87 and as slow as an hour 45. It really depends on how you got there and how you feel at that point. If you get there and are strong - you can make a good strong run for the last four miles and have a great day. Or ... it can all really start to come unraveled then.

Good stuff though. Nice workout and you learned alot.

Brad Poppele said...

Okay I know exactly where the top of the W's is now. Thanks!!! When I got to the Pit sign I didn't feel real strong this is why on race day I will probably hold back a bit more. Yes indeed I did learn today.

GZ said...

This is a bit of an eye chart, but you can take a peek at my historical splits if you really want to geek out.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks GZ! I checked it out. Nice! I'm looking it over and planning my strategy! lol
Your right about that Ruxton split. Today I was not even pushing it and was still well under it. No worries the next splits are what matters.

Knuckledragger said...

If I start now, I'm going to make it to the bottomless pit before you Brad, but you might find my carcass decomposing there on PPM day.

Great job today.