Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pikes Peak Summit

24+ miles 4:44:32
8:15 am)
Started at the Cog Railway. I actually was hoping to get a one way
ticket to Mount View. I was on standby but all the seats were full.
So of course I didn't want to change my plans I wanted to go to
the summit. This made my run probably 4 or 5 miles longer than I
wanted. I started out not feeling so strong. I was thinking maybe
I should not go for the summit. When I got to Barr Camp I felt
okay and decided yes I would go for it. I didn't run much after
Bottomless Pit sign. The last 3 miles I really didn't run any
of it. I was hiking around 17 minute miles for those.
I made it to the summit at 2:49. This is really good for me.
I went in the summit house and filled my bottles and bought a
couple of their famous donuts. After a short break headed back
down. I didn't want to stay at the summit too long. I wasn't
feeling that good. Going down I was super slow and very cautious.
I really don't like going down. My legs were feeling the effects
of the climb up I couldn't push it. At least I didn't get altitude
sickness like last August.
When I got down to Barr Camp I could hear thunder. I was not
prepared for rain. Well maybe a mile later it started to pour
I got soaked it rained the rest of the way down. When I got back
to my car I didn't have a dry spot on me and my shoes were totally
Post run I feel pretty good. I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow.



GZ said...

Home course advantage being built there Brad. What's the goal for you for next week?

Brad Poppele said...

GZ, I really don't have a goal. Just using it as good training for the marathon. Look forward to seeing you then.

GZ said...

Go with the leaders to get the first preem then. ;)