Saturday, July 9, 2011

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

6.16 Miles
1 Mile Incline 25:08
5.16 Miles Ruxton Ave & Barr Trail 39:12
8:00 am) sunny 60's
Not a bad time on the incline today. I didn't expect to beat my
best time. Legs are still a bit sore from Thursday's long run.
I feel like I'm recovering fast though and will be ready for
next Sunday's race. No long runs this upcoming week as I will
try to freshen up a bit. I have no goals for this race other
than to just give it my best. I have not run BTMR before so don't
really know what to expect time wise. I look forward to racing
as I have not raced much this year. I have only raced 3 times
this year a 10 miler, half marathon and a marathon. I guess I'm
just cutting back this year after a busy 2010 season. I raced 5
marathons plus 3 ultra marathons. This year I might finish with
2 marathons and maybe 2 ultra marathons.


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