Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pikes Peak Altitude Training 2-2-1

10 Miles
8:20 am) 40's Sunny
Drove to the top of Pikes this morning. Was sunny and chilly at the
summit. I did 2 miles down then 2 miles up then did the same a
second time. After 2 sets of this I ended with 1 mile down and 1
mile up. Felt okay for all of this. Last 2 miles was getting very
Here is the stats on the day
First set of 4 miles
Mile 1 11:31 Down
Mile 2 8:30 Down
Mile 3 14:47 Up
Mile 4 16:43 Up

Second set of 4 miles
Mile 1 11:10 Down
Mile 2 9:17 Down
Mile 3 15:22 Up
Mile 4 17:39 Up

Final set 2 Miles
Mile 1 12:34 Down
Mile 2 18:18 Up

Looking at the numbers I see that I got slower as time went on.
Probably the altitude affect for sure.
Glad I did this today I feel a lot more familiar with the trail
after this. That last mile is tricky though no matter how many
times you run it. Glad to get through the workout without any
So my minimum elevation today was 12,600+ ft. That should be
very beneficial for my training. I hope to get a few more
runs like this one before the marathon. Plus I want to do 1
round trip run as well.
Driving down the mountain I didn't listen to the signs that
said low gear only. I kept it in 2nd. I guess I should have
listened. I got to the brake inspection spot and the guy
checked my brake temp and it was hot 380 deg. They like it under
300 deg. He told me to pull off for a bit to let them cool. So
I did and waited 10 minutes or so. The rest of the way down I
listened and put it in low gear.
Long day 54 driving miles. It looks so close from my apartment.
I took some pictures today I will post them tomorrow. I got to
get some sleep. I work tonight.



GZ said...

Nice work - and definitely great work for the race next month. Yeah, I have wondered about driving up there for that workout. I have done the 3-2-1 and have wondered if it was worth driving 200 miles to run 12 for a workout. :)

You hit those slower splits come race day and you will still be rolling folks up. Seriously. Have you seen Carpenter's pace calculator?

Brad Poppele said...

Yes I have seen Carpenter's calculator. It's very interesting to study the data. I might need to try to follow that on race day. I'm thinking maybe shoot for a 2:50 ascent. Of course that could all go out the window on race day depending on many factors.