Friday, July 22, 2011

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

5.5 Miles Total
1 Mile Incline 26:46
4.5 Miles Barr Trail
5:00 am) Nice!
Met Mike at 5:00 am. Gave Mike a 2:00 minute head start.
Well I never caught him. I was slow today. I guess I can't
go hard every day an expect to not had a bad day. This was
my slowest time of the year. Even running down Barr trail
I was slower than normal. I guess I should take a easy day
tomorrow or even take off a day.



GZ said...

Yes - you should take a day off. In fact, take the next two weeks off. Really. It would be awesome. And eat cheese fries. And drink a lot of milk. Yes. It is the perfect taper. Honest.

Knuckledragger said...

I'm w/ GZ - that was funny. My unofficial goal is to beat you and him on the PPA / PPM. My PPA time to beat both of your PPM time.
So, w/ the Cheese Fries - mix in huge amounts of chocolate, twinkies and donuts.

Brad Poppele said...

That's funny! But seriously that's my regular diet anyway. As far as taking 2 weeks off that might be a bit more than I can take. I will do a 2 week taper though.