Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pueblo Track

9.5 Miles
Went down to Pueblo with Rich for a track workout. My first in
Colorado. The track is at 4800 ft. so a bit lower than the 6200ft
I live at. We did 2 mile warm up. We did 2 sets of 600-400-200.
600-1:59, 400-77, 200-35
600-1:59, 400-76, 200-34
I felt pretty good except for the first 600 I think my system
went in shock from the faster than normal turn over.
After the workout we did a 5 mile easy run on some nice trails.



Lucho said...

You shouldn't be too affected by the altitude with such short work intervals. If you keep them short and fast then you aren't using oxygen. Recovery is whole nother thing though and that would be where the altitude could mess with you. Both the recoveries between the intervals and then for the days following. IMO the main stress of altitude comes less from the actual effort of work and much more from lessened recovery, which then affects the next workout (at altitude we carry fatigue longer and it tends to pile up- so a poor workout is due more to lingering fatigue than the altitude's effect on your system during that particular workout). People move to altitude and feel good for the first week or so and then they see a gradual decline in performance. Particularly if they try to train the same as they were at sea level.

Brad Poppele said...

Good Stuff Tim! Thanks for the info!