Sunday, October 17, 2010

Denver Marathon Race Report

26.2 Miles 3:01:53 6:57 average per mile
7:00) am mid 40's start warming to upper 50's finish
40th Overall 4th Age (35-39)
Kind of a stressful start. I almost didn't make it to my corral
on time. I made it by like 30 seconds. Then the gun went off and
I didn't have my GPS signal yet. After a minute or two finally
got the signal and hit the start button. I started out pretty
quick. I was running 6:40's. My goal was 7:00 miles till I got
warmed up. So I went with it and decided to just run. Around
mile 6 GZ flies past me and says hello. He was doing the half
marathon and started in corral 4. He did awesome today 1:20 and
second master. Later saw him again as he was a spectator at mile
19. He cheered me on. I was not feeling good though at that point.
I had a bad side ache and it lasted for 4 miles before going away.
I went through the half at 1:29:44 so I had a shot as sub 3 but
knew it would be tough. I ran pretty good second half just not
good enough to do it today. My slowest mile was 24 7:08. So not
bad at all considering how tired and slow I felt at the end.
My loose goal today was 3:00-3:05 so I made my goal. This was
also my first road marathon at altitude so didn't know how much
that would effect me. Not sure how much it did. I think my 50k
from 2 weeks ago had some effects though. My legs didn't feel
So this wraps up my season for 2010. I had a busy year 5 marathons
2 50 milers and a 50k. Most I have ever done. Time to recover and
get ready for 2011. I'm excited for it! Will turn 40 in March so
looking to place at some races as a master.



Freeway Ricky Ro$$ said...

AWesome! To run that especially at altitude is awesome!

GZ said...

Crap. You are going to be a master?

The second half of that course is not easy. I realize it is net down from say Wash Park, but all those turns, less than inspiring hoods, and a bit o' heat. Ugh.

Well done.

Jim P. said...

Congrats on solid race!