Monday, October 4, 2010

Trinity Brewing Company

8.2 Miles 1:00:56 7:26 average per mile
6:00 pm) cool 60's
First time running with this group. About 25 runners showed up.
I was looking for a easy recovery run as I'm pretty sore from
yesterday. We started out easy 8:07 first mile but I was having
a hard time catching me breath. I settled down a bit by mile 2
7:40 pace. We ran to the Garden of the Gods and ran some of the
roads that go through the park. The last mile is down hill and
felt good to run fast without working too hard. mile 8 was 6:07.
So I pretty much didn't run this as a recovery run. Oh well I
felt okay at the end and no worse than when I started.



Brooks said...

I normally run with the Trinity group as well, I'm just a little sore from Sunday still.
Maybe we'll cross paths next week.

BTW, impressive marathon times!


Brad Poppele said...

I was still sore on Monday and probably should have taken off. Will see you Monday more than likely. Thanks for the compliment on my marathon time but I think your marathon time is more impressive at this altitude. Mine was at Houston, Texas sea level.

Rich said...