Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Bear Chase 50k Trail Race Report

31.1 Miles 4:16:54 8:13 average per mile 2nd Overall
6:30 am) cool at start 40's warmed up into the 60's sunny.
Lakewood, Colorado Beer Creek Lake Park
Well not a bad day at all. I had no goals going into this race.
Just wanted to finish. I was not confident in my training leading
up to this race. I'm still adjusting to living in Colorado and
dealing with the altitude. Also normally I do several long runs
before an ultra and I didn't get them in.
The race started and I went out easy. Actually almost everyone
went out easy. First mile was 8:49. It was still pretty dark
and chilly so I think that was the reason. I wore a singlet, arm
warmers, shorts and gloves. I shed the gloves and arm warmers
after the first loop. The course was 2 loops plus a shorter
loop that the 10k runners ran. I got into a okay groove after
a few miles and actually pulled away from the pack. The course
has a few hill climbs and I just didn't have the legs to run them
I walked all the steeper hills. I think it helped me in the long
run though.
I started the second loop and I was feeling weak mentally and
physically. I decided I should back of the pace and just run at
whatever pace feels good. This helped and by the end of the
second loop I was running better. Note first loop and a half I
made 3 restroom stops. Not sure why? I also used the restroom
3 times before the race. I didn't even drink that much. I need
to figure that out. Nutrition wise I also didn't do very well
I only took 2 gels and a few honey stingers. I did however eat
bananas and oranges at the aid stations. I also drank some coke
at a couple.
The last loop the 10k distance loop I ran as hard as I could.
I still at this point didn't know what position I was in. We
started out with the 50 milers so I never took count. With
about 5 miles to go one of the volunteers said I was 6 minutes
back. That's allot with 5 miles. I kept pushing. I passed a few
runners but I think they were half marathoners that now were
also on course. At around mile 27 I see some kids and two
women. I get by the kids okay and go to pass the women on the
left and at the last second the lady moves to the left. I hit
her and lose my balance and fall down. No big deal I got up
and kept going. It was a bit frustrating though.
I arrive at the final aid station at about mile 28 and the
volunteer says I'm in third place. This is the first time all
day I now my position. I was surprised since I didn't feel
I was that far up. I figure that's it I will finish in third
and be happy with that. I keep pushing and see a runner ahead
didn't know for sure if he was a 50k runner or not. I get
closer and sure enough he was. I remembered running with him
earlier but lost him due to a bathroom stop. I passed him
and finished in second. I found out that I was less than 2
minutes behind the winner. Those bathroom stops really cost
Really pleased considering everything. I feel I have lots
more room for improvement so that's exciting for the future.
I loved this race and it was done so well for a first time
event. I plan on going back next year.


GZ said...

Well done man. I was considering this race but played out in the woods with the scouts instead. Looks like it was a good one. Glad to see you continuing to live up your CO dream.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks George! This was a good race. Next year do it!