Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gold Camp Road & North Cheyenne Creek Trail

5.75 Miles 1:02:27 Run/Hike
2:00 pm)upper 60's Sunny! Nice!

Started at Gold Camp road and ran .70 miles to North Cheyenne
Creek Trail. The trail gets steep from this point. I walked/
hiked most of it going out. This trail is also known as 7
bridges. You cross the creek several time going over 7 wooden
bridges. I went out 3 miles before turning around. Got lost
a couple times as I didn't know which way the trail went.
I was at 9150 ft at turn around. When I started I was at 7500
ft. I ran a bit on a trail called Pipe Line Trail. It was nice
not sure how far it goes.

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